The Mustard Seed



The history of white-black interactions and relations from 1788, when Governor Arthur Phillip raised the British flag at Sydney Cove and declared that the land and everything in it, including the Indigenous people, were owned and ruled by a king who lived on the other side of the world.

Matthew James Everingham

The first book in the trilogy about the Everingham dynasty. The life and times of Matthew Everingham, sentenced in the Old Bailey at the age of fifteen and transported to NSW on the First Fleet. Matthew went on to be a prominent colonial pioneer and one of the most documented convicts ever to be transported to New South Wales.

Elizabeth Rymes: A Remarkable Life

The second book in the trilogy about the Everingham dynasty. The life and times of Elizabeth Rymes who arrived as a convict on NSW shores with the Second Fleet in 1790, and who then married Matthew Everingham who had arrived on the First Fleet in 1788. A truly remarkable pioneer woman.

The Woodbury Line: An Australian Convict Family

The third book in the trilogy about the Everingham dynasty, tracing the family and descendants of Sarah Elizabeth Woodbury née Everingham and her husband, ex-convict Richard Woodbury.

Glass Half Full

It is my hope and prayer that every reader will find the encouragement of this book to be real in their lives and that they will know the joy that comes from living life abundantly.

The Mustard Seed

God’s promise to sort out the mess that we have made of this world, to make everything new again and to establish the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

Brand New Every Morning (Ebook)

A guide to reading the entire Bible in one year. 365 scripture readings, covering the entire Bible, together with devotional notes.