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About Ian

About Ian

For almost fifty years, I have worked in the foreign language industry, first serving twelve years in military intelligence, followed by twenty-five years teaching languages in Australian Secondary Schools and now, in semi- retirement, managing a small online foreign language translation agency. I have lived in parts of South-East Asia and in every mainland Australian state and territory. I now live in the beautiful Riverina region of New South Wales, on the banks of the mighty Murray River, and fill my days managing the online translation agency, gardening, reading, meditating, and writing for my own pleasure. Even from my own school days I had found writing to be enjoyable and rewarding in many ways. Whilst teaching I authored 23 school textbooks which were commercially published, and which are still used in many Australian secondary schools. I retired from teaching in 2000, and since then I have worked in the foreign language translation industry.

In my Christian life, I came to the Lord late, at the age of 57. But I was raised on the Bible, Sunday School, youth groups and finally church membership at the age of 17. I then went on pilgrimage, much as the Israelites did, and spent forty years wandering aimlessly in the spiritual wilderness, ignoring God, doing many things of which I am not proud and some of which I remain truly ashamed, and forgetting about God’s amazing love for me. What a waste! I still refer to the first 57 years of my life as “My Wasted Years.”

In recent years I have turned my attention to the writing of books, some of which are specifically Christian oriented books, and others which are of more general interest. You can read about some of those books by following the links below.

I thoroughly enjoy speaking in churches either at full church services, or to smaller ministry group meetings, for example, Men’s Groups, Women’s Groups, Home Groups, Youth Groups, Book Clubs etc. Although the message would be tailored according to the specific audience, the message always remains one of uplifting encouragement. I am also available to conduct Writers Workshops for Christians wanting to write in the non-fiction Christian genre.

Please feel free to make enquires about availability, using the contact information on the Contact page.