The Mustard Seed

About Ian

About Ian

I came to the Lord late, at the age of 57. But I was raised on the Bible, Sunday School, youth groups and finally church membership at the age of 17. I then went on pilgrimage, much as the Israelites did, and spent forty years (literally and exactly 40 years!) wandering aimlessly in the spiritual wilderness, ignoring God, doing many things of which I am not proud and some of which I remain truly ashamed, and forgetting about God’s amazing love for me. What a waste! I still refer to the first 57 years of my life as “My Wasted Years.”

Much of that time in the wilderness was spent in the military (12 years) and then teaching languages in secondary schools (25 years). Even from my own school days I had found writing to be enjoyable and rewarding in many ways. Whilst teaching I had authored 23 school textbooks which were commercially published, before I resigned from my last teaching post at the end of 2000. Thereafter, I worked, and still work, in the foreign language translation industry.

I came to the Lord in 2005 and almost immediately I turned my attention to in-depth and ongoing study of God’s Word, the Bible. In 2011, I decided to read and study the entire Bible in chronological order and to write a series of 365 devotional commentaries as a daily guide to reading the entire Bible in one year. I thought it would probably take me two years – it took seven years, and it was during that time that I learned that my enjoyment of writing was, in fact, a God-given talent.

There was never any intention of having that work published. I gave it the title Brand New Every Morning and, when it was complete, I had a small number of copies commercially printed and bound for my family and close friends. Shortly after finishing that work, I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to write again and I felt very strongly that God was saying to me, ‘Okay, you’ve done the groundwork, now I have something really important for you to write’. I didn’t know what I needed to write, but I knew that it was important. So, I waited and prayed about it a lot and after several months, I knew that God was revealing to me that he wanted me to write about the coming of His kingdom on earth. Hence, my first Christian book, The Mustard Seed. My second book in this genre is Glass Half Full, an uplifting book of encouragement for Christians and for non-Christians alike.

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